Contribute to the 2018 program

As part of the Brisbane Irish Festival, we’d like to hear from the Queensland Irish. Whether you’ve just arrived, or your great-grandparents were Irish, we’d like to hear your story. Irish people are renowned for telling a good tale and we’d love to share some leading up to St Patrick’s Day! If you’d like to contribute to the 2019 program please fill out the questionnaire form below. Submissions can remain anonymous if you’d prefer.

The best answers and stories will be shared on our Facebook page and a select few will be published in the free Brisbane Irish Festival program that will be printed and distributed throughout the festival. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Our events would not be possible without the support of our generous sponsors. Sponsorship opportunities for the 2018 Brisbane Irish Festival are now open.


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Bookings to advertise in the Brisbane Irish Festival Program are now open. Many options to chose from. Spaces are limited.


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To participate in the 2018 Brisbane St. Patrick’s Day Parade, please fill out the nomination form. Same route as 2017. Spaces are limited.